<div class="white-label-egyf">Energy Re-Engineered™</div><div class="green-egyf">For A <span>Net+</span> Future</div>

Energy Re-Engineered™
For A Net+ Future

Pioneering Net+ Energy Solutions

At Energy Finders, we are committed to developing groundbreaking technologies that will significantly impact our future capacity to live in balance with our planet.

Our primary focus lies in “Net+” energy innovation, enhancing and restoring the mutualistic benefits that nature-based solutions provide.

We focus our efforts and capital resources on pushing the boundaries of what is possible, harnessing the power of creative thinking, smart materials and collaborations with industry professionals around the world.

Net+ Microgrid Solutions For Net Zero Goals

Converting vacant land into green infrastructure benefits communities and improves quality of life.

High Energy Efficiency

Our microgrids utilize best in class bi-facial pV modules to capture a wide spectrum of ambient light.

Modular & Scalable

Modularity is achieved through reconfigurable pV + BESS architecture optimized on a site by site basis.

Vertically Integrated

Permeable soils enable subsurface conditions capable of filtering large volumes of stormwater.

Brownfield Restoration

Converting vacant land into green infrastructure benefits communities and improves quality of life.

Our vision is to re-engineer localized energy production by converting vacant or undervalued real estate into resilient, community scale power stations. We generate revenue through design / build contracts which convert into Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) once construction is completed

Mohammed Zulfiquar (CEO & Founder)
Smart, Sustainable Power on Demand

Energy Finders MVP is a next generation photovoltaic electricity generator housed in a mobile, upgradeable modular unit. 

Through advanced photonics inspired by 5th generation space technologies, light is efficiently collected, processed and stored as usable energy for both on-grid and off-grid residential and commercial applications.

With rising energy costs and global demand at an all time high, eBox is the world’s first self contained clean technology solution capable of redefining our path toward Net Zero and affordable, sustainable energy for all.

Protection from dust, hail & UV degradation;
Self contained inverter & high efficiency battery storage;
Target energy efficiency exceeding 50%;
Low Impact to existing infrastructure;
Decreases foreign clean energy dependency;
Accelerates potential to reach Net Zero by 2035 by 50-100%.